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Fall Roll-A-Story

Fall Roll-A-Story

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Help your children learn how to write a story with this fun Fall Roll-A-Story.

All you need is a dice and a pencil. Your child will simply roll the dice and fill in the blanks to the story. Then they will get to create their own ending.

The basic structure of the story Once upon a time there was a (roll for a description) (roll for a character) who lived in a (roll for place). More than anything he/she wanted (conflict) but... then your child will get to create the ending to the story. There is a box for them to draw a picture to go along with their story.

**This is free for those in Mama's Members. To download it, simply login to the membership, and go to the homeschool page.

This product is a digital download, no physical product will be provided.  The download will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

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